《Princess of Holy Light》Personage disclosure III

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The Sword of the God of War, the Princess of the Holy Kingdom of Heim, the successor of the King of the Sea, the Guardian of the Holy Spring, the Knight of the Holy Sword, the White Duke Ailsa Eich. She is the backbone of the team, and assumes the responsibility of defending the entire team.

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《Princess of Holy Light》Personage disclosure IV

位面穿越者-三国传(A Bit Crosser-Three Kingdoms) - 1 day ago

The Hand of the God of the Gods, the Princess of Teota City, the Sword of the Shadow, Goddess of the Jungle, the Unruly Lightning, Mia Eph. Good at sudden attacks, she can instantly hit her opponent.

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位面穿越者-三国传(A Bit Crosser-Three Kingdoms)

This is a RPG game of training multi heros , you could collect as many as forty generals to fight together , you would unlock more generals under attacking city and develop it ,Collect special weapons from special events。co-ordinate the different generals to beat the boss .

Developer: singi

Publisher: singi