Patch Notes - 0.27.13 alpha

Posted by: TonyDanza on steam_community_announcements October 11, 2018

  • Fixed bug which caused projectiles (cannon, railgun, missile, bullets) to not be associated correctly with the target they hit. This caused a number of issues including impact visuals appearing inside/behind the target, damage texturing not updating, combat music not playing, and cockpit shake/haptic feedback not triggering when taking hits.
  • Increase mid-range damage of Lasers. Before: 500m = 60%, 750m = 30%. After: 500m = 80%, 750m = 45%.
  • Catalyst receives a 25% bonus to heat dissipation.
  • Changes in this patch require an update to servers, which will happen at different times depending on location.

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Today's patch brings you a bunch of improvements to hosting matches, tweaking your cockpit, and some weapon adjustments. Be on the lookout for a future article to learn about some of the new content coming up in the next major update.

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