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Update 0.7.71 - 0.7.76

Posted by: elZanc0 on steam_community_announcements October 10, 2018

  • Hacking / hackable freight containers

  • New Ship: Peacekeeper (Atlantic Alliance)
    (2 versions, standard version purchasable at Schuhmacher)

  • New pirate hunt mission at CoC Stralsund
  • Weapon damage types
  • New Weapon: Plasma Accelerator

  • New location: Essex wreck

  • New Skills: Hacking, Persuasion, Mechanicus

  • Hidden chest

  • Gas items

  • Automatically savegame-upgrade all spawners and backgrounds
  • Shuttle polishing
    + all adaptions updated, full resolution here!

  • Savegames: Support restoring the target of each weapon

  • Dr. Orish polishing

  • AI improvements
  • Some smaller performance improvements
  • Asteroids "Crystal" -> "Gemstone" Group created

  • Feedback sound for activated skills

  • Possible fix for a game init crash
  • Landable Leave button breaks dialogs
  • Holding TAB breaks the map camera movement
  • Savegames: Skill points are not loaded
  • Ship engine is hidden under the wreck sprite
  • Disable the Cooldown HUD icon click function for non weapon types
  • Waechter diversion: Nortnex should attack Delga and Nobunaga first
  • Skill tooltip disappears on click
  • Loaded savegame: no shield collision
  • Validate all savegame loaded sprites and remove broken ones (fixes asteroid crashes)
  • Asteroids can give no XP if they are not the weapon target
  • Ramming asteroids reward no XP
  • Old savegames: Ships attack invisible Asteroids
  • Remove the ship healthbar window correctly when it is not needed anymore
  • First Analyis HUD animation goes from right to left
  • Savegames: Unloaded skill points are not reset back
  • Music stops/switches after the tutorial
  • ship trade comparison is inversed

Also, we got a brand-new Discord server!
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