Bum Simulator is getting better (and delayed).

Posted by: Ragged Games on steam_community_announcements October 1, 2018

Bum Simulator is getting new content and features based on your suggestions! The game gets bigger and better thanks to your support! Thanks to you we are now including stuff like:

  • day and night cycle,
  • turning into an animal,
  • shopping cart customization,
  • skill tree / upgrades,
  • pee madness,
  • poo madness
  • scratch offs,
  • specific settlement locations that you can build in,
  • playable instruments,
  • dumpster diving (literally - leap of faith straight into trash!),
  • minijobs.

Unfortunately the development has been prolonged due to new map layout, some visual changes and lots of new features. This means that we need to move the release date. We're sorry that we cannot offer the game on time - however, we belive those changes are for the best.

Yours truly,
Ragged Devs

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