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Dev Video - Platforms

Posted by: chaosavy on steam_community_announcements September 30, 2018

Hey guys!

Here's a new update vid:
Direct Link: YouTube


Working towards better implemented platforms -

  • Platforms take time to build (versus being instant before)
  • A base can only build one platform at a time
  • Bases will build "far away" platforms (defense, production, repair, refuel)
  • Production platforms will generate cargo pods
  • These can be bought by the player for a low cost
  • Or stolen!
  • Far away platforms will build defense platforms to defend themselves
  • Some factions will sell production platforms to the player
  • Auto traders will check nearby platforms for better opportunities
  • Player can build far away platforms - via building a builder ship at an owned base.
  • Indie transports will ferry cargo from production platforms to bases (including player bases if so requested)
  • Player can assign ships to patrol a far away platform

More implemented platforms:

I've decided to put the story missions on hold and work on better implemented platforms. The current progress of story missions takes the player to where they might consider dabbling in elements related to bases - which includes platforms.

The big idea was to make platforms more "solid" in terms of game play, some platforms were fairly useful, like repair platforms, but others were just for show (production platforms). Now production platforms offer trading and piracy opportunities - as they actually produce something.

Bases will now build "far away" platforms - this means that there's no longer the possibility of wiping out all platforms - and not having them come back. This should make the game world feel more alive and logical.

The player can buy and build far away platforms to support and expand their empire - and sort of "customize" their area of control.

I hope you guys enjoy the new possibilities with platforms and post feedback!

What's next?

I'm likely to add a few more elements to platforms - like having ships run towards defense platforms for aid, having platforms participate in overworld combat and related items.

After that?

More work on story missions!


As always - Thank you for your incredible support!

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