Touhou Luna Nights puts a stylish Metroidvania twist on the shmup mega-series

Posted by: [email protected] (Dominic Tarason) on rps August 20, 2018

The Touhou shared universe is now pouring onto Steam. Spinoffs and fan-games aplenty have popped up recently, but Metroidvania Touhou Luna Nights seems a cut above. Licensed from original Touhou studio Team Shanghai Alice and developed by Team Ladybug (the crew behind that excellent free Shin Megami Tensei Metroidvania and others), it launched into early access today. While the cast of characters are familiar to fans of the series, after trying a bit of it over the weekend, I reckon it’s polished and creative enough to be worth a look for any Metroidvania fan.


Touhou Luna Nights

Touhou Luna Night's is a 2D search action (Metroidvania) video game. After creating many action games, this is a new project from Team Ladybug.

Developer: Vaka Game Magazine,Team Ladybug

Publisher: Vaka Game Magazine,AGM PLAYISM