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Update 18 - Year 3 Anniversary Update

Posted by: Mark Venturelli on steam_community_announcements August 18, 2018

** Note: Linux and Mac users - the Update is coming to you later today, hold on tight! **

EDIT: Hey, "that" achievement was fixed, ok? But it is a secret one, so keep the spoilers out of the comment section ^^

Hey hunters,

Long time no see, uh? Well, for Zero, at least. We have been working hard on the sequel (“Relic Hunters Legend”) for a while now. It doesn’t mean we forgot about our little game <3.

Today is a super special day. Exactly 3 years ago, Betu Souza, Raff Müller and myself released this tiny little game called Relic Hunters Zero. It surprised us (and everyone else apparently) with a MASSIVE amount of love.

So here we are, three years, 1.5 million downloads and thousands of fans later. Thanks to this little game, my life has completely changed. I am now working full-time on the sequel, thanks to the Kickstarter funds from our community. We have a Discord channel with over a thousand active members. Rogue Snail is no longer just me - it is now a full-fledged company with 8 people, investors, and a plan to take over the world.

And we owe everything to this little game, and especially to you, our loving community. You have supported us through the hardest of times, and we hope to build an incredible game for you in Relic Hunters Legend.

But today is not Legend’s day. It is the birthday of Relic Hunters Zero! I prepared a small Update to celebrate. It is not a massive update, but it is made with love, just like every single line of code in the game.

(Ok, maybe not the AI code)

With this Update, I tried to solve 3 issues that were plaguing Endless mode for quite a while now.

Weapon upgrades meant that sometimes you would feel "stuck" with a gun just because you had already invested so much Bounty in upgrading it. It was also frustrating to "waste" a good drop of a rare gun when you were already equipped with a better one. Finally, going for maximum Bounty using items like the Morning Star was a dominant strategy.

I feel like Scrap and Recycle fixes all of these things! I hope you like the new system.

We are also celebrating with party hats and confetti in-game! It will last all the way up to the end of August. It is a silly thing, I know, but it makes me happy for some reason!

I have also updated the Open Source repository for the game, so you can contribute to the game, change whatever you want, or even use parts of it to make your own games. Here’s the link:

If you are interested in knowing more about the sequel, Relic Hunters Legend, go here:

Happy huting!


* NEW FEATURE: Scrap and Recycle *
Endless and Daily mode Hunters can now choose to Recycle weapons on the ground by pressing "X" on the keyboard or "D-Pad Up" on the controller;
Recycling weapons give you a new resource called "Scrap";
Scrap is now the only way to purchase Weapon Upgrades from Gunnar on the Endless Shop;
Recycling upgraded and/or rarer weapons will give you additional Scrap;
Enemies have a chance to drop Scrap when they are defeated;
The Ducan Commander drops quite a lot of Scrap;
Luck effects and Morning Star do not affect Scrap drop chance or value;
Increased all Bounty prices for Tier 2 and Tier 3 items on the Endless Shop by 50%;

* NEW FEATURE: Anniversary Mode *
- To celebrate our 3-year Anniversary, during the month of August all Hunters will be wearing party hats, and enemies will create a colorful shower of confetti when defeated;

.Kami Tanks temporarily removed from the game - they were very buggy and not fun to fight against. I will rework them and give them a glorious return on the next update;
Removed Workshop items from the Daily runs (they still load normally on Endless mode);

* Fixes *
Fixed a lot of performance issues and crashes. Game should run better and smoother now;
Fixed crazy twitching buttons on the main menu;
Updated main menu links for current Twitter, Facebook and Discord;
Fixed Spooky Turtles not shooting their guns;
Fixed a bug where the fire rate of Miniguns would not behave properly (they are fun again to use!);
Fixed a few minor bugs with loading Steam Workshop items;
Fixed a bug where the fire rate of Miniguns would not behave properly (they are fun again to use!);

** Note: Linux and Mac users - the Update is coming to you later today, hold on tight! **

Relic Hunters Zero

Relic Hunters Zero is a completely FREE dual-stick shooter about blasting evil space ducks and turtles with tiny cute guns. It’s fast, it’s tactical, and feels deliciously smooth to play. Unlock new weapons, characters and relics to defeat the Ducan Commander!

Developer: Rogue Snail

Publisher: Akupara Games