Friday Report #10

Posted by: RAZAR on steam_community_announcements August 10, 2018

Hi Pilots,
A new portion of the internal working flow information arrived.


We are polishing the plane model. Physic of the flight is done, you would fill how heavy it is.

Ship - Upgrades

In order to add ship into the game we need to make all range of the upgrades, for now, we are working with engines. Cheak it out.


Last few comments in the forum were related to the Performance. We found one more issue in the code which slow the game done. We believe it will be done soon and some small update will be out in a short period of time.
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P.S., As usual, recommend our game to your friends leave reviews in steam and enjoy the game.

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Frontier Pilot Simulator

Frontier pilot simulator is an environment centered single player flight sim. Combining the skill-based flying system with: a story-driven economic progression system and great flight physics. Your piloting expertise will be constantly challenged by the world while it unfolds before you.

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