Tank Force 3.60 release

Posted by: Magic Unicorn on steam_community_announcements August 7, 2018

Tank Force 3.60 release

  • Daily Battle Tasks are available in the game!
    Developer notes: finally awaited feature has been released! You will be able to have 3 tasks at the same time. Tasks have different rewards, conditions and difficult. Refreshing of COMPLETED tasks are became once per day. If you wish to - you will be able to refresh the task manually, but it will cost you resources. Moreover, if you don't like the exact task - you will be able to change it (for free 1 time per day). Read conditions of tasks carefully and don't forget to receive your rewards in-time.

  • New Battle Vehicles! T80(MT); T80-UM1(MT); Scorpion(LT); M8 AGS(LT); Bradley M2A3(LT)
    Developer notes: technical trees of each fraction will receive their logical endings by level 10 tanks.

  • Reward for community joining and social link has been added

  • Newbie kit have been added

  • Effects switcher now disable effects correctly

  • Possibility of graphics changing has been disabled in battle
    Developer notes: we were forced to disable this possibility during the battle because it has been led to glitches and crushes. So we left it for the main hangar settings.

  • Observe mode for PC users has been fixed

  • Marks sending on minimap has been fixed

  • Graphics extending and optimization for several maps

  • Effects optimization

  • Comprehensive bug fixes

  • Release of referral-links technology
    Developer notes: little update for streamers and video makers; now we are able to generate a special link for you, game installation via that link will be rewarded for all new players inside the game.

  • Preparation for clan-system release
    Developer notes: it is a lot of work by now, but we can say strongly that clan system is our main and high-priority goal for the next release, that will be in the near future. More detailed information about the coming clan system you may read in our community pages later.

  • Preparations for Asia tech tree release
    Developer notes: yeah it is exact Asian tanks tree, that you wait for a long time! And it is almost ready, so we will add it into our next update.

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