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Posted by: TrionFasti on steam_community_announcements August 2, 2018

Greetings, Trovians!

You’ll find a couple different types of Crystal Caches available in Trove – Geode and we wanted to share some info on the differences between the two and why you should care about them.

Lesser Crystal Caches

Lesser Crystal Caches are earned by playing on the planet called Geode. Explore the caves beneath the surface and offer aid to the critters who need your help. These chests are granted directly to your inventory by the critters.

Opening Lesser Crystal Caches will commonly grant Crystals which are highly valuable resources used in all manner of Geodian crafting. The rare loot contained in these caches include Drillbits (for use in Crystallogy), Bronze Companion Eggs that can be hatched into Companions to aid you on your spelunking adventures, and Crystal Pinatas that you can use to throw piñata parties with friends or strangers alike!

Greater Crystal Caches

These caches are chockfull of a wide assortment of goodies. Greater Crystal Caches are found on the Trove Store and help support future development of Trove – Geode and beyond.

The most common drops in these caches include resources needed in all manner of crafting; Crystals, Day Drops, Gleamstone, Builderite, and more!

Uncommon drops include Sun Sap, Cave Kelp, Moonstone, Blazine, Accelerite, Lodestars, and more.

Rare Greater Crystal Cache drops include bigger batches of Metamatter, Accelerite, and Lodestar. They can also drop Silver Companion Eggs, Space Expanders, or epic mounts.

Jump into Geode and commence collecting crystal caches today!

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