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Update 21 is here and it's a BIG one. We're really excited to see what you all think of the honestly really pretty enormous changes we've made since last time. We're laying the groundwork for bringing the much-teased Wipe into the game, read on to find out more...



is no longer allowed at Xenotaphs that are not owned by the player faction. Yup, that's right, the game just got a lot more interesting. No more quickly nipping in to an enemy base for a HP top up during a tough fight!


is no longer awarded from Loot Crates. This is a big step towards our new progression and flow around the Wipe. A Lazarene pickup is now worth 25 Lazarene and has a good chance (30%) of spawning in multiples from any enemy or asteroid death. Loot Crates now only give you Systems and Skins (and of course duplicates of those). We're aware that this now means there are 'empty' slots in the Lazarene screen, and we'll be fixing that up to be much ncier in the near future.


have been made far more deadly, causing double the damage that they used to. This does not apply to Carriers, but does to every other enemy in the game. Watch out!


now deal damage to anything that bumps into them. Less than an Asteroid does, but enough to make them something you have to consider now, rather than just window dressing.


now have a chance to drop Lazarene on death.


has been increased, the new maximum zoom is 350 units. It was at 200 before so you can see a lot farther away if you so choose.

The old zoom:

The new zoom:


elements are introduced with a lovely ceremony, so players can't miss all the useful pointers and HUD elements as they experience Lazarus for the first time.


The biggest chunk of work this past fortnight has been around the Wipe. but because that's not ready, I bring you the second biggest... the player ships, systems, and all of the combinations of edge cases that we encountered. All of the following has been fixed, and it makes for a much stronger game:

- Swapping Ships would sometimes let you equip impossible combinations of Systems.
- Player's ship loadouts would be incorrectly saved between sessions under certain circumstances.
- Death would sometimes incorrectly set your ship and its loadouts for your next life.
- Dying in the default ship whilst any slots other than the Core slot were occupied meant that, until your next death, that slot would think it was occupied (preventing other systems from being equipped to it).
- The Main Menu used to get confused as a result of a lot of this, and would shows your last flown ship as the wrong one.
- Players are now given the correct error message if they try to equip a System and don't have enough MEV to do so. Previously they'd be told there was a 'failed server request'. Now it explicitly tells you to get more MEV :D
- If you undocked halfway through the process of equipping a System, the menu would potentially screw up next time you docked.
- Quitting the game grom the Esc menu whilst inside a Xenotaph would result in a player's ship being removed the next time they entered the game.
- If you died, the Systems you had equipped would be removed from the Shop you last visited, which made it really frustrating to get back to your favoured spec.
- Certain Systems (namely Rammer and Shield) would stay 'on' if you triggered them, then docked and swapped Ship. This allowed impossible combinations of Systems for players.


- Players could easily lose track of their cursor on the 'Ourobean' variant of the Welcome Screen. Now the game only ever shows the 'Ki' variant, which causes no such issues.

- Drop Rates have been tweaked again, with Loot Crates down to a 4% chance to spawn, and any Loot Crate having a 40% chance of giving a System (up from 10%). This work is still needing to be balanced as the removal of Lazarene from Loot Crates means that they are more valuable than ever (if what you care about is getting new guns). Currently the game is probably on the over-generous side of things, but we'd like to know what you think!

- The Map screen would disable all of the info toggles (players, fleets, carriers) and the Warp Jump buttons if you died. Now you can always rely on them working.

- Placing a turret in the capture zone of a territory whilst you were capturing it used to mean that you wouldn't get rewarded with a Loot Crate for your trouble.

- The Tech Menu used to freeze if you navigated to a System you hadn't unlocked, because the game wanted to display a duplicate token for it.

- Icons for both Loot Crates and Lazarene have been updated across the game in menus and the HUD, so no longer will you see a generic white Lazarus Eagle, or a placeholder asset, but rather something rather more appropriate.

- The Limpet Booster and the Repulsor now only have 1 upgrade level available on the Tech screen. We'll be adding the normal 10 levels at some point in the near future, but only when we can guarantee a high quality of implementation.

- The green 'waypoint' radar marker is now displayed closer to the player ship, which means it no longer obstructs your view of Enemy and Asteroid markers.

- The map no longer shows Fleet Routes by default. This was confusing new players a lot, and is just a bit messy anyway (until we address a bunch of stuff around fleets, that is).

- We've removed the 'manage' button in the Equip screen. It caused some headaches and we don't want it in there unless we know it's spot on. Hardly anyone used it anyway!

- We've changed the wording that warns you about swapping out a System when you're trying to equip a System to an occupied slot. Should be much clearer!

Next week's update will be (potentially) even more exciting. For reasons we will keep to ourselves right now. Why be secretive? Because Sod's Law dictates if we say anything, it'll all go horribly wrong. Till next week, enjoy!

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