Crusader Kings II

Developer: Paradox Development Studio / Publisher: Paradox Interactive

Hotfix Patch is now live! - [checksum SAHQ - No roll-back for 2.8.3]

Posted by: Para_Rod on steam_community_announcements June 13, 2018

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Hello there!

We had to release a small hotfix patch with the number for a resurfaced bug relating to overly self-sacrificing AI.

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A Faith In My Own Image

Sneaking NEW development diary as this Friday is a national holiday in Sweden! This week we'll delve into Pagan Reformation! With Holy Fury, reforming a Pagan faith is no longer a one-click type of deal. Instead you’ll be able to tailor the new religion to become exactly what you want it to be!

Crusader Kings II - 1 day ago

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