Ancient Warlords: Aequilibrium

Developer: Coffee-Powered Games / Publisher: Coffee-Powered Games

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Posted by: Alchemist on steam_community_announcements June 13, 2018

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Hey guys, we have good news for you! Our other game Football Girls: Dream Team is out! Find out what excites you more: a football goal or a charming sporty girl. Collect the cards with football players, cheerleaders and just beautiful fangirls and find out, which hottie is the most attractive one! Check it out and let us know what you think!

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Ancient Warlords: Aequilibrium - Out Soon!

Ancient Warlords: Aequilibrium will be out soon! It's a challenging collectible card game that gives you a chance to take the role of a Late Antiquity battlemaster! Collect card warriors and travel the world with your army, complete story missions and side quests along the way.

Ancient Warlords: Aequilibrium - May 23, 2018

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