Zombie Forest 2

Developer: Alexander Tavintsev / Publisher: Alexander Tavintsev

Version 1.06

Posted by: kabanjr on steam_community_announcements June 13, 2018

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- the possibility of acceleration of time in 2 times is added to the shelter;
- the trees closing the player become transparent;
- partners who are in the house do not take part in the defense (corresponding icons appear on their icons);
- almost any action of the character in the shelter can be undone (above the icons appears a button in the form of a red cross);
- the placement of a new building can be canceled by pressing the Esc key;
- fixed the misalignment of inventory when checking by a companion animal traps or a rain filter;
- fixed a bug where it was impossible to fix a wooden gate;
- the characters do not get stuck after the completion of the blockage analysis;
- fixed the opening of the inventory window on top of the character characteristics window;
- fixed volume of ricochet sounds and opening of doors;
- reduced the likelihood of sounds when visiting the toilet;
- in the video settings, you can enable the refresh rate limit to 60 frames per second (enabled by default);
- fixed the disappearance of things from the lower slots of the improved warehouse;
- mates armed with melee weapons do not move far from the player;
- when the night comes, the flashlight turns on automatically;
- choice of the level of fatigue, in which it is necessary to suspend production, is converted into a slider;
- fixed other minor bugs.

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Version 1.07

- added running of the player and team-mates (Shift key);

Zombie Forest 2 - June 18, 2018

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