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Update 0.9.3 is available

Posted by: Emperor on steam_community_announcements May 31, 2018

Fellow Players,

After entering Early Access last week, here we go with our next update of GameMaster: MAGUS:

  • All chain quests can be completed by multiple adventurers
  • Pause feature implemented (space)
  • Game speed feature added (+ /-)
  • Rename adventurers feature (in adventurer window)
  • Game balance (costs, starting characters)
  • UI improvements for better clicking experience
  • Tutorial fixes (text, progress)
  • More detailed tooltips and info were added for better understanding
  • Rename adventurers feature (in adventurer window)
  • Improvement of Sandbox mode unlock experience
  • Performance optimizations
  • Bug reporting window for hidden errors
  • Bugfixes

Several bugs were reported that were not the bugs themselves, but the consequences of a hidden bug that made other things wrong by time. We have decided to implement a bug reporting window that in case of these errors display a message valuable for us, and doesn’t let your actual game to proceed in a wrong way. Please save regularly, and if you experience these error messages, post them, or send us please.

Have fun!

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Update 0.9.7 is available

GameMaster: MAGUS - June 27, 2020

Fellow Game Masters,

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GameMaster: MAGUS

GameMaster: Magus is a unique RPG simulation, bringing you the ultimate role to play in RPG games: The Game Master

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