What's new in the upcoming 5.0.0?

Posted by: Hubert Moszka on steam_community_announcements April 16, 2018

Hey folks!

A new update is coming out this week! We call this update "Why did we wait so long??", because it has features that should be added a long, looong time ago :)

Gameplay features:

  • Class-specific ragdolls - each class now has its own dead body, instead of zombie-like ragdoll.

  • Keybinding options - a lot of you were asking about that, here you are!

  • New warhead detonation announcer - a lot of people asked for a male announcer. Every time I change an actor opinions are divided, he is an official actor, so your complaining has no point ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    If you like it - I'm glad, otherwise uninstall the game (Don't do it, I will cry all night).

  • Blood - the following screenshot was created without using any additional tools (I added just a blur effect)

  • It is possible to close alpha warhead doors again, but they open permanently after the detonation.


Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • Intel crashes significantly minimalized! (yay!)
  • Voice Chat crashes also minimalized! (also yay!)
  • ESC closes the game console
  • Other SCPs cannot recontain SCP-106
  • Main Menu Theme has been slightly refined
  • Spectator fixes - the list refreshes itself automatically and you can't see the spectating player's head in your camera.


    Security and other internal technical features:

  • Ban system reworked (using Steam ID instead of Hardware ID, new storage format).
  • Added whitelist
  • Automatic port forwarding by UPnP.
  • Forwarded server console to game console, when server is not dedicated.
  • Server verification fixes.
  • Anticheat improvements.



    We're sorry that there haven't been any updates for a long time, we hope that this update will help you forgive us!


    With Best Regards,
    ~Hubert Moszka (Project CEO)

    Discord forum: discord.gg/scpsl
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