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Welcome to BeeFender - Month #1 Competition

Posted by: IllBeInMyOffice on steam_community_announcements March 13, 2018

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Hi Everyone!

First and foremost; thank you for purchasing our game! We're excited about sharing our work (and learning experiences) with all of you. BeeFender is a labor of love. We're 3 friends who wanted to make a video game but had no experience. After a little over a year of development, we're finally ready to bring it to Steam!

So - in celebration of the release, lets hold a little contest. You'll notice that BeeFender has a built-in online leaderboard. Whoever can land the top score by April 13th, at 9PM EST will win a one-of-a-kind achievement that will be built custom by us, BWT Games.

Have fun and BeeFend!

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Last night an update was sent out to correct an issue some users have reported regarding screen size changes during some in-game events. If you have been experiencing this issue, please give the game a try with the latest update! Thank you, all, for your continued support and feedback for the game. We have more updates planned in the future, and we will continue to address any issues reported as quickly as we can.

BeeFender - 22 hours ago

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