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Body Shop DLC Changelog 1.3.7

Posted by: DiggidyNet on steam_community_announcements March 13, 2018

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Body Shop DLC Available for FREE
Here’s what’s included…

1. Body Shop: Get a new paint job for your truck.
2. Daily Sales Goals: Complete daily sales goals and receive a reward.
3. Random Ingredient Deliveries: Stores in need of ingredients will ask for your help to deliver needed ingredients.
4. Ingredients Inventory is now visible from the Signature Panel.
5. Towed Home Button: Truck stuck somewhere? Get towed back to the home location.

• Body Shop DLC
• Added slide for Body Shop DLC
• Esc and back now exit map
• Change pink mail icon to pink box, indicates a supply box is available
• Competition icons now turn magenta when correct
• Added additional popup tips for the Inventory, Trophy Room, Upgrades and Garage
• Added popup notifications when your inventory is full

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