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New version 4.2 Beta release new features, new fixes

Posted by: Whirligig on steam_community_announcements March 8, 2018

So I've been releasing betas without announcements for a little while. Here is the beta version 4.2 with a list of all of the features, updates and fixes since last time.

Updates in since version 4.19

Ive tried to catagrise these a bit better as things like bug fixes and plugin and engine updates aren't that interesting. So I've started with new features first and hopefully that makes it easier to get to the good stuff :)

New features and larger changes

  • Mono when paused option so you can have it mono when the menu is visible. available from the setting menu/general 01 and good when watching 3D films where the 3D comes into the room.

  • Added new background glow menu. Available from the settings/buttons menu. This feature allows you to change the size, saturation and brightness on the glow.

  • Increased the size of the settings menu.

  • Added tool tips to settings menu. In an effort to improve the settings menu I've added tool tips. This is a small addition to hopefully a big overhaul to the settings menu that should come soon.

  • New feature, resume from previous time. This feature when turned on (go to settings and switch on "Resume from previous") when you load Whirligig a dialogue box will appear asking if you would like to resume from previous time location.

  • Added a new menu and changed other of the other menus. This is going towards a new menu system which will allow changing menu colours.

  • System where if you go into a menu from setup it will return to the settings after quitting that menu.

  • Changed Mixed reality laser angle so it matches the laser in the Windows mixed reality home.

Plugin and engine updates

  • Unity3D 2017.3.1f1
  • Updated Oculus SDK's
  • Updated Steam SDK for Unity3D.
  • Updated AVpro plugin for Unity3D.

Major bug fixes

  • Unity3D 2017.3.1f1
  • Fixed Hotspot issues.
  • Fixed when video ends options.
  • Fixed command line loading problems.
  • Fixed load by command line when used in conjunction with included ini files.
  • Fixed ini file load on startup with Commandline feature load.
  • Fixed issue with the shortcuts in explorer where the shortcuts 1 to 4 wouldn’t work with the Vive controllers and in general if you held it a certain length of time.
  • Fixed issue with explorer being able to access folders in the root or a folder inside another folder of the same name.

How to try the Betas

Note on replying to this message

In discussion you get a notification if someone has replied to a post but if you post at the bottom of a news feed then you don't get that notification so it can be easily to miss a reply. I check these news post regularly (mostly). If you do post here with an issue or suggestion please check manually to see if I've replied to your comment. I don't want people to think I'm ignoring them :)

And Finally

So this update, if you haven't updated since the last announced beta is feature packed. I hope to continue updating and improving as usual in the future betas to come. However I do need to update the default build for Oculus, Vive and Steam Stores. The place I want to get to is a better looking settings menu and more streamlined menus menu so that people can choose the look of the main UI with more ease.

So as usual any feedback is welcome. If you run into bugs or have suggestion for new features please let me know.

Until the next update.

Happy watching


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