❄ Winter Celebrations in Tank Force! ❄

Posted by: Magic Unicorn on steam_community_announcements December 26, 2017

Snow, sun and festival spirit in Tank Force!

Congratulation on Winter Celebrations, dear players!

We glad, that we are spending the end of the Year with, your company!
Thank all of you for your supporting and believing in us! It is a very inspiring us!

The hard year is coming to us and the Interesting one to you!
Lots plans of game improvements, that we are planning to release!
We wish you Great vacations if you have them and wish you an easy work if you haven't them!

Tank Force can't stay aside of such beautiful celebrations!

🎄 Winter hangar is already in the game! 🎄

🌀 In the shop, you can find new amazing camouflages! 🌀
Camouflages are permanent!
Bought once, use - forever!
Your Tank will look "cool" in any hot battle!
Camouflages will be available for buying during the short festival period, so don't waste the chance to decorate your Tank!

Do you hear this rumbling?
⚔ Premium heavy level 8 tank T-90MC is ready to battle! ⚔
Will you be able to control this power or will you be crushed by it?
This tank has an unofficial name "White Bear".
In addition to standard complectation of any premium vehicle:
- Increased silver gathering
- Unique national permanent camouflage
- Better battle characteristics
- Improved versions of consumable supplies
More of that "White Bear" has extra permanent camouflage, which is available for it only.
Limited sale! The tank will be removed from the selling after Winter Celebrations until the next vehicles arriving.
Don't miss it!

🔶 🔶 🔶
Excellent New Year discounts are waiting for you in the game!
🔶 🔶 🔶

🎁 🎁 🎁
We are preparing little gifts for you for the New Year night!
🎁 🎁 🎁

✨ Developers team is on vacation ✨
From 27 of December to 8 of January technical support team will be unavailable.
But I will be here sometimes to check your comments and personal messages.

🎆 Have great vacations, fighters!! 🎆

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!



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