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Steam Gift Cards draw devoted to the upcoming release of Happy Empire - A Bouquet for the Princess

Posted by: AEL Entertainment on steam_community_announcements December 8, 2017

Greetings, friends! To celebrate the upcoming release of our new game, Happy Empire – A Bouquet for the Princess, our team is going to hold a draw of 10 Steam Digital Gift Cards.

Our game will take you on a journey into a colorful world with charismatic characters, lots of dialogues and humor. It’s a colorful game about a beautiful princess, courageous princes and a cunning wizard thirsting for power. An amiable story that will bring you tons of positive emotions, combining the fast-pace gameplay with captivating plot. You may add this game to your wish list, or follow here:

Drawing rules:

We offer five 10-dollar and five 25-dollar Steam Gift Cards. You may use them to make any purchases in Steam and on micro-transactions in any game you play or buy our or any other game. We will randomly select a winner from the list of participants, one by one, until all prizes are given away. The 10-dollar cards will go first, followed by the 25-dollar cards. You could watch the drawing live on Twitch.

To participate in the drawing, you have to:

  • Share this news with friends. Help our team inform Steam players about our beautiful game! All you have to do is to click on “Share” under this news, then “Share directly to my status” and “Post”. This news should appear in Activity listing of your Steam profile. You must share this news by 14 December at the latest!
  • Follow our game. You can start following our game here on it's Steam Store page: This will make you our Steam Group member. Be happy to stay with us! ːsteamhappyː
  • Write “Happy” in comments to this announcement as the participant’s note.
  • Have an open profile on the drawing date, for us to check whether you have shared the news about our game and to add you to our friends list for delivery of your winnings.

Vote counting stops one day before the drawing, which will be held on 15 December!

Oh... One more important thing! ːsteamhappyː If a winner does not meet any of the aforementioned requirements, the next randomly-selected participant will be named the winner. Only authors of a message containing the word “Happy” will be eligible for participation in the drawing. Other messages will be ignored.

This way, we will select 10 winners receiving a Gift Card each. The prizes will be given upon expiration of 3 days according to Steam Gift Card tranfer rules.

Hurry! Wonderful gifts are waiting for you! ːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyː
Happy Empire - A Bouquet for the Princess

Will the princes have to help one another, or will they become enemies? Will they choose a dangerous way and collect the rarest flowers or take a short cut? What bouquet will the Princess get? It’s all up to you!

Developer: AEL Entertainment

Publisher: AEL Entertainment