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12/9 Notice about changes to additional systems

Posted by: Project Moon on steam_community_announcements December 7, 2017

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1. Energy acquisition at end of Ordeal

After the update, the energy is obtained When Ordeal is suppressed.
The more you end a high-level Ordeal, the more energy you can obtain.

2. Bullet system changes

The default number of bullets will change to the number of Qliphoth meltdown gauges for that day.
The existing reloading system disappears, and every time a Qliphoth meltdown occurs, it is changed to a full reload with the default number of bullets.
Attributes Increase the duration of the protective shield. However, when entering the containment room, the shield will be released.

3. Changes in Qliphoth overload system

The Qliphoth overload system is a system in which the success rate of work decreases as the work accumulates in one Abnormality.

The Qliphoth overload is changed to apply only to Abnormality of WAW, ALEPH, and so on.
Each time a Qliphoth meltdown occurs, the Qliphoth overload is reset.

4. Manual addition

In the fourth week of December, a manual will be added to inform player needed for gameplay.

This patch is a system added to prevent the standardized play from appearing as the game progresses. With this patch, we wanted to create a gameplay that kept the tension going despite the game progresses.

It is not a purpose to make an entry barrier for new users due to increased difficulty. If the initial difficulty increases excessively after this patch, we will try to mitigate it through a continuous patch.

Thank you.