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Alternate Launch Option for Steam and Spectator Option

Posted by: Sparc Official on steam_community_announcements November 17, 2017

We've heard your feedback in regards to using Oculus through Steam.
  • If you own the game on Steam, and own a Rift, but would prefer to launch the game with Oculus APIs instead of SteamVR, we have enabled an opt-in/experimental way to do this. Right-click on the game in your Steam library and select properties. On the properties menu, select the Betas tab and select “oculus_beta”. Once the game finishes updating you can launch it and it should start via Oculus.

NOTE: You will not receive in-game notifications of friend invites; you will have to refer to your 2-D Steam UI to handle friend interactions. You can always switch back to the “NONE” option in Betas to restore the default behavior."
  • Players can activate a spectator to your monitor with the console command ToggleSpectatorScreen
  • This mode will auto rotate between 4 set camera view points.

NOTE: You are not required to use the “oculus_beta” build, this feature works on the default build as well.

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