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Week #42 Update

Posted by: treemengames on steam_community_announcements October 18, 2017

Hi yall!

We decided to put one more level out separately, opposed to our original idea of releasing the rest as one update! This is Misty Fields, and it will be placed as the second area of the game, after Devils Plains. Misty Fields consists of a town in a crossing of two highways, and some more nature-oriented areas with frozen lake and falls, and a field that leads to a small pond. Area is covered in pretty heavy fog but luckily you have your lights on! This is also still work in progress, so we would love to hear your opinion about it!

Other additions this week:

- Devils Plains Quarry area has been completely redone
- Automatic guns bullet assets reworked
- Skybox fixed for Devils Plains
- Chopper Defense perk makes it possible to destroy the chopper

Other PAKO 2 News

Update: Chase camera mode

PAKO 2 - June 22, 2018

Download the latest patch and try playing in "Chase camera" / 3rd person view!

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