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Posted by: XO_Team on steam_community_announcements October 12, 2017

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Greetings, Survivors!

Crossout keeps expanding its area of coverage around the world (let’s say “Hello!” to the recent release in Japan) and activity is pretty much intense not only on the battlefields of the Wastes, but outside the world of the game as well. The number of exciting, amazing and informative videos on Youtube exceeds all the expectations. We invite you to check out our new list of best videos, that may help you to learn something new or just have a good time!

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Crossout 0.9.30

Survivors! Welcome to Crossout 0.9.30! Do not fear those dangerous tusks of the ‘Boar’, as you are always able to tame the wild beast and make it your ally in fierceful battles of the Wastes. Also, pay attention that each Survivor now has his or her own personal file and that the interface of daily challenges has become much more intuitive!

Crossout - 2 days ago

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