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FaceRig Studio Update- build 1410 - 11 Oct 2017

Posted by: Aty on steam_community_announcements October 12, 2017

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Awesome folks,

We've updated FaceRig Studio with quite a few new amazing features like the MP4 export and Camera Editor. Also added free new avatars.
(It''s a long read, but it's worth it)

New Features

  • Added Camera Editor - you can add custom camera animations.
    You can find out more information on how to use it by reading the documentation:
  • Added four New Avatars:

    • Princess Zhi Shi
    • Prince Edward of House Pond (with additional props such as the tobacco pipe, the straw and the hat)
    • Chibi Theodor - release with all its model and texture sources
    • Laser Chaser

  • Added h264 encoding support for exported movies (the container is .mp4)
  • Added video crop option
  • Added a caching system for a quick avatar loading time. All items (avatar, props, background) from hotkeys feature are automatically loaded when starting the app so that loading them becomes instant. Also, any item loaded during a run will have very low subsequent load time.


  • Timeline Editor changes:
    • added Dilate/Compress operation in Timeline editor (works on all timeline items)
    • added camera animation items
    • tracks are now drag-able
    • added Camera Cuts Track - switch between camera animations, this is a great directing tool
    • added Override Behavior Track - alter avatar's behavior (look at camera, point at camera, etc)
    • several user experience tweaks
    • several bug fixes

  • Added Jaw left/right tracking mapping on all avatars
  • Added a new method for grabbing video frames from video capture devices.
  • Added camera feed black frame detection, that restarts the feed and tries different options.
  • Extended the video capture options for ULSee tracker to:

    • webcams
    • video files (also supports .mp4 container)
    • IP cameras (tested out with a quite limited set of camera, any feedback

  • Load Video as Input Source button was removed and the functionality is now available in Advanced Tracking Configuration dialog > Trackers tab > ULSee section > Input Type drop-down list
  • Fur, animated normal maps and skin quality graphic options are now saved
  • Added new avatar behaviors:

    • orientate head to camera
    • point at camera (left and right hands separately)

  • Tweaks to follow camera for the Perception Neuron tracker, giving it a more cinematic look
  • Added 60Hz mode for ULSee tracker
  • Added some UI optimization


  • export movie on 1366 resolution width crash issue solved.
  • small tweaks and fixes to the model Importer
  • fixed custom picture and web backgrounds disappearing issue when scaling/moving the window
  • fixed false errors triggered when loading a web background
  • fixed .gif crop mode scaling/moving
  • several other minor fixes and tweaks

    Because FaceRig Studio is an ever evolving communication platform and we are constantly working on it, improving it, fixing bugs and adding features, at any given time there are at least three builds of FaceRig out there for you to use. To deliver them to you (and let you switch between them) we use Steam's BETA branch system.
    If, for any reason, you wish to revert to the Previous version of the program, you can do so with this branch system.

    If you are wondering about how to switch between those three branches here are the steps:

    • Open Steam Client. Go to Library -> Software
    • Right mouse click on FaceRig -> Properties
    • Go to BETAS tab, click in the "Select the beta you would like to opt into:" drop down, select "nextversion" or" previousversion" or "opt out" if you want to go back to default.
    • Close window. The FaceRig program will update to the desired branch.

    Except for default, the name of the branch you are currently using will appear in between brackets next to the program name. Sometimes you will also need to restart the Steam client, for the update to the new branch to trigger.

    All the best,
    The FaceRig team