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STARDROP Update August 12th, 2017

Posted by: | DeRaNgEr on steam_community_announcements August 12, 2017

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STARDROP has just been updated. Both the demo and the main game received an important update that fixes a particular crash bug that's been plaguing the game right from the release into Early Access up until, well, a moment ago.

I will go over the changes briefly as well as talking a bit about the upcoming content update, which includes chapter 3. and I'll go over some of the noteworthy changes, tweaks and fixes.

The crash bug is fixed and the game has been updated today running on the latest Unreal 4 engine version.. Less then a day before release we started to receive reports of a bug that would crash the game. Assuming it was just a very minor issue it did worry me but was confident that it wouldn't a such a big issue.

After all the game has been in production for a year and a half by that time and we've never experienced it. Non of my PT's had any issues so it couldn't have been a big issue right?

Wrong. With new driver updates from Nvidia it became clear that this was a bigger issue then expected. My PT's started to be affected and couldn't even play the full game. I saw a streamer crash, gotten more reports and also a few negative review because of it.

The root of the issue seems to be a Direct X issue regarding Nvidia GPU's. The Maxwell cards have been identified to be affected. Not only was STARDROP affected, reports from triple A titles have surfaced, such as Street Fighter V.

I was starting to get really worried and had no control over it. It's an engine related bug that was simply out of my control. As a result I halted the game's marketing push as I can't stand behind a game that had a fair chance of crashing on certain people's hardware.

But we can all rejoice and celebrate the fix. Now, I cannot determine if this is a fix for everyone, but so far it seems that's indeed the case.

I've spent the last two days fixing some minor issues that comes with a new engine version update. Some things break or work differently.

The object scanner was broken, which I fixed. The translation system is also not working and I still need to figure out why that is and other small issues where I had to step in and make sure these were corrected.

So there might be a chance I've overlooked something and will continue to fix whatever I can. As always the focus has been on the game being playable in general and I've managed to fix several issues from before the engine upgrade that could potentially break the game.

Fixes, tweaks and new content

A lot has changed since the last public update. Most of the new changes will be more noticeable when chapter 3 hits next week.

  • Stamina has been increased significantly.
  • Power drain on the flashlight and object scanner has been decreased.
  • The object interaction system has been overhauled. It's much more intuitive then before and you can use the WASD keys to rotate an object as well as with the mouse.
  • The Zero-G movement system has been improved greatly. While it's not yet perfect, players should notice a huge difference in fluidity and ease of navigating Aryn in general.
  • Several bugs that would stop the player from being able to advance have been fixed
  • The MCCV-2 (Aryn's ship) has been given a make-over in terms of lighting and overal aesthetic.
  • The "Beavertooth" Easter egg is now properly implemented, but you'll have to find out for yourself what that means.
  • More optimization has been done under the hood in a number of existing levels.

Chapter 3 Coming Very Soon

Chapter 3 is on the horizon. I plan to be able to release it next week. I cannot set this in stone just yet, it's not fully finished but I expect to be able to make this happen. I am looking at August, 17.

I don't want to go into much detail yet, I need to keep something to write about but I do believe that in many ways it's a big update and probably the most important one so far.

I have been listening to a lot of feedback including my own thoughts and I have attempted to make the STARDROP itself a much more interactive place. I have put a lot of effort into adding more smaller details in the surroundings.This means a lot more unique objects to look at and inspect.

I've added info kiosks which are multi-purposed. and I updated the info screens that will provide small details or clues while playing. Because the STARDROP is a much, much bigger ship then the SD-01 I had to adjust the level design.

The overall idea is that in the end, you should still be able to navigate pretty much the entire ship, however, the initial gameplay is a tad more linear while keeping the open exploration aspect intact.

You still have the option to unlock doors to optional side areas, find logs that offer more background story an just being able to wander around, not knowing exactly what to do at times.

The goal, as always, is delivering a fun and engaging story and I believe that with the new chapter, that's exactly what the game will be able to deliver.

For now this is it. I will post another announcement once chapter 3 goes LIVE.

Thank you all for your support,
Joure & Team V


STARDROP - December Update and Merry Christmas.

So, initially I planned to do a full public content update however as I am currently away from home, my laptop seems to have issues packaging the game for 32 Bit. I really wanted to share something around Christmas so I figured that I will release this update under our public developer branch.

STARDROP - December 26, 2017

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