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Update 1.5.0 - Trading Cards, Eye-tracking, Improved VR

Posted by: Junkfish on steam_community_announcements May 19, 2017

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It's hard to believe, but Monstrum has spent another year on the high seas - by which we mean it's our 2nd “proper” birthday! We've put together a couple of little updates for you to celebrate.

Firstly, we'll be holding a special birthday sale from Friday 19th (today!) of May to Monday 22nd of May. This weekend Monstrum, the soundtrack and the deluxe bundle will all be 80% off! So if you've been lurking this whole time waiting for an opportunity to strike, like the sneaky Hunter, now's your chance to pounce!

Secondly, we're bringing some new options into Monstrum. The game has gone without an update for a long-time due to us focusing on our second project, Attack of the Earthlings, but we thought we could manage a little something for such an important date. Some stand out additions:

  • Trading Cards!
  • Change direction with head look mode for VR!
  • Tobii Eye-tracker compatibility

Some of these are things people have requested for a while, some we just found fun to work on. There's a full change log at the bottom, and it'll all go live later today!

And finally, we want to give a big shout-out to all of you! We're always amazed when we see how many people are still playing, and thankful for how creative and dedicated an audience we have. We love seeing your Monstrum artwork, screenshots and streams, so don't be shy about giving us an @ on []twitter[/url] with something you've done. In particular we'd like to shout out

">ErixOn's Animations

">Glenn Leroi's Song
and Marcel's G-Mod map for bringing the team a lot of joy this year.

Thank you!

Team Junkfish

Changelog – V.1.5.0

Trading Cards

  • Now available featuring never before seen artwork from Monstrum
  • Includes backgrounds, badges & emoticons


  • Move in direction faced mode (old mode can still be enabled in menu)
  • Enable/Disable UI on arm

Tobii Eye-tracking

  • Aim torch, flare-gun & thrown items with your eyes
  • Pick-up and interact with items you're looking at
  • Control the journal tab/note selection

Bug fixes

  • Hunter should no-longer get stuck after spawning
  • Hunter should now always show up during submarine escape sequence
  • Can no longer throw items while moving the trolley(s)
  • Hunter traps will now only trigger when a thrown item moves past them, not if any item is within range.
  • Flare gun now fires properly in all instances