Transport Services

Game created by Hammer Games .

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Release day moved on January

Transport Services - 2 days ago

We are really sorry, this delay is also very surprising to us. As we wanted to press release the game at the time, which was approved by the steam. Instead of the green button [release], we got a warning, that the game is not long time enough visible on the steam store. So earliest possible release day is 24th. January... Hmmm, it seems like we have no other option than to listen to the steam warning. We are really sorry about that. At least we can test it more...

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Transport Services

Transport services is a strategy simulation game about designing and managing transportation for a dynamic world. Build railways, roads or airports. You can buy vehicles and manage lines between cities. As a new city contract appears, or your solution becomes obsolete, redesign your transport solutions.


Developer: Hammer Games

Publisher: Hammer Games

Type: game


Score: 0

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Metacritic: 0

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