Otiiz's adventure - Sushi Champ Demo

Demo created by BXTT studio and released December 7, 2018 .

App changes last updated 7 months ago

Detailed Description

Demo version.

You can play stage 1.

Otiiz's Adventure - Sushi Champ is a role-playing game. Friends who like to eat sushi or watch other people eat sushi should not miss it.

In addition to a wide variety of sushi, there are ten unique opponents, each with a different winning picture after winning.


Otiiz has four different skills that can be upgraded, you can get the points in battles or interact with other NPCs.

Different locations have unique plots that are triggered randomly.

Simple operation, no need to have any gaming experience.

Save and load files at any time.
Otiiz's adventure - Sushi Champ Demo

Demo version. You can play stage 1. Otiiz spends all his money and is driven out. His friend suggests that he joins the big eater competition held by the sushi restaurant. As long as he wins, he can get the bonus of the best.


Developer: BXTT studio

Publisher: BXTT studio

Type: demo

Released: December 7, 2018


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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