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Train Simulator: UPRR Idaho & Omaha Steam Loco Add-On

Dlc created by Smokebox and released May 31, 2019 .

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Detailed Description


PLEASE NOTE: This product was originally launched as the 'CPRR Idaho & Omaha Steam Loco Add-On' and has been corrected to be the 'UPRR Idaho & Omaha Steam Loco Add-On'. We apologise for any inconvenience caused

Pro Range

The Pro Range is aimed toward the serious train simulation enthusiast looking for a complex machine to master. Each product is designed to provide education and entertainment for users. Xbox controller and HUD interface support do not come as standard and users will need to read the accompanying documentation to fully understand the operation of this advanced simulation.

About the Game

As America’s railroads rapidly expanded in the mid-19th century, culminating with the opening of the great transcontinental railroad in May 1869, the nation’s steam locomotive workhorse was the 4-4-0. Indeed, the 4-4-0 “eight-wheeler” became so synonymous with U. S. railroading that it quickly came to be known as the “American” type.

Renowned Train Simulator creator Smokebox has brought 1860s railroading and the famed transcontinental railroad to captivating life with its Promontory Summit route and selection of historic Union Pacific and Central Pacific steam locomotives – and now, Smokebox brings to Train Simulator two more classic 4-4-0 “Americans” – Union Pacific sister locomotives No. 7, the “Omaha,” and No. 8, the “Idaho.”

Constructed by the Schenectady (N.Y.) Locomotive Works (a predecessor of the American Locomotive Works, or Alco), Union Pacific’s “Omaha” and “Idaho” were outshopped in March and April 1866 respectively and went to work on the then-under-construction transcontinental railroad. In design, Union Pacific Nos. 7 and 8 were similar to Central Pacific No. 60, the famed “Jupiter” of Golden Spike fame, which was also built at Schenectady.

Like all Smokebox locomotives, Union Pacific’s “Omaha” and “Idaho” feature extraordinary fidelity to detail and ultra-realistic interactive operating features and characteristics. Ideally suited for work on Smokebox’s Promontory Summit route (available separately), the classic 4-4-0s are accompanied in this DLC by Union Pacific emigrant coach with clerestory roof; UP combined caboose and coach; and UP baggage car, as well as three career scenarios for the Train Simulator Promontory Summit route.

Included Scenarios

A trio of Career scenarios are included for Promontory Summit Route Add-On

  • [Omaha] Last Train to Dead Man’s Gulch
  • [Omaha] The Last Leg
  • [Omaha] Winter Morning Run to Promontory

Please Note: Promontory Summit Route Add-On is required, as a separate purchase, in order to play the scenarios featured in this add-on.

More scenarios are available on the Steam Workshop online and in-game. Train Simulator’s Steam Workshop scenarios are free and easy to download, adding many more hours of exciting gameplay. With scenarios being added daily, why don’t you check it out now!

Click here for Steam Workshop scenarios.

Key Features

  • Union Pacific 4-4-0 No. 7, the “Omaha”
  • Union Pacific 4-4-0 No. 8, the “Idaho”
  • Highly detailed locomotives with accurate and colorful 1860s liveries
  • Authentic operating characteristics with interactive controls and special effects
  • Expert and simple operating modes; automatic fireman
  • Union Pacific emigrant coach with clerestory roof
  • Union Pacific combined caboose and coach
  • Union Pacific baggage car
  • Career scenarios for the Promontory Summit route
  • Quick Drive compatible
  • Download size: 165.2mb
Train Simulator: UPRR Idaho & Omaha Steam Loco Add-On

Smokebox brings to Train Simulator two more classic 4-4-0 “Americans” – Union Pacific sister locomotives No. 7, the “Omaha,” and No. 8, the “Idaho.


Developer: Smokebox

Publisher: Dovetail Games - Trains

Type: dlc

Released: May 31, 2019


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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