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LET IT DIE -(2 Year Anniversary) Special pack-

Dlc created by GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE INC.,SUPERTRICK GAMES,Inc. and released November 28, 2018 .

App changes last updated 6 months ago

Detailed Description

(2 Year Anniversary)Special pack

Limited time offer: one chance per person!

30 Death Metals
Express Pass :1
Lost Bag(Rainbow): 1

*This content is available for a limited time period. Until 1/7/2019(PST)
*This content can only be purchased once.
*If you didn't purchase your additional items in-game from Direct Hell, please restart your game to receive your items.
*Other than Death Metal, the items obtained in this content will be sent to your in-game Rewards Box once purchased.
*If your Rewards Box has 50 or more items in it, you will be able to claim your purchased items when the amount of items in the box drops below 50.
*If you already have the maximum amount of Kill Coins, you will not be able to take Kill Coins out of your Rewards Box.
*Please note that the item rewards from Lost Bags (Rainbow) may differ depending on when they are opened.
LET IT DIE -(2 Year Anniversary) Special pack-

Limited time offer: one chance per person!

Parent Game


Publisher: GungHo Online Entertainment America

Type: dlc

Released: November 28, 2018


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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