Distress: A Choice-Driven Sci-Fi Adventure

Game created by Light Machine and released November 6, 2018 .

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Detailed Description

A fading distress signal from a space station that’s gone silent. A metropolis filled with dark secrets, death lurking in every alleyway. Welcome to Nova-8. Step into the boots of Demetria Barton, one of the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunters, and lead her team to a mysterious city in search of answers and riches.

Distress is a branching visual novel inspired by the likes of Silent Hill, Snatcher, and Mass Effect. Trapped in a city filled with deadly creatures and a ruthless militarized task force controlled by a shadowy administrator, you’ll have to use your wits and make tough decisions in order to survive. You’re responsible not just for your own life, but the lives of your crew as well. Make your choices. Live with the consequences.

Good luck, captain.


  • A 100K word branching sci-fi horror story with over 90 endings written and designed by Javy Gwaltney, the creator of The Terror Aboard The Speedwell, You Were Made For Loneliness, and The Right Side Of Town
  • Beautiful art from professional illustrator and cartoonist Ian Higginbotham.
  • An electric, synthwave soundtrack by composer Erandi Huipe (The Right Side Of Town).
  • Free access to post-launch content, including cutscenes, new art, and storylines.


“Touching, devious, and utterly devastating when you fail a friend, Distress offers an intriguing mystery in a gloomy future.”

“I definitely encourage those who love visual novels to give this one a look, especially if you love fleshed out characters whom you can easily grow attached to. Distress will make you laugh, and it will also make you uncomfortable. Tread carefully, and remember, the pink creatures don’t shoot acid: it’s the green ones!”

“Something as simple as deciding whether or not to walk down a street gave me access to at least five different endings. Few games that have branching narratives have made me feel like there was real diversity and consequence to my decisions outside maybe three or four main outcomes, but Distress managed to keep me in genuine suspense to see what would happen if I chose a different path.”
Your Geeky Gal Pal
Distress: A Choice-Driven Sci-Fi Adventure

A sci-fi visual novel where the lives of your crew are in your hands. Investigate a mysterious space station. Make your choices, live with the consequences.


Developer: Light Machine

Publisher: Light Machine

Type: game

Released: November 6, 2018


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Metacritic: 0

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