Click the Business

Game created by Garnudo Games and released October 25, 2018 .

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Detailed Description

"Click the business" is the perfect game for lovers of clicker games. In it you will find all the characteristic elements of games of this genre, and also "Click the business" is set in the business environment.
In this game the resource that you will have to try to get the most out of and maximize the way in which you generate it is money, specifically dollars.
With that money you can buy several shares that will be shown on the main screen.
Each action has particular characteristics, meaning that each action needs a different time to generate the money, each action gives a different amount of money and each action is affected one way or another by upgrades.

The latter is very important to understand the game and maximize profitability.
You can use improvements, in the form of managers for your company or other improvements, which will serve to make you earn more money with each action or to simply earn money every second.

What to expect:

-Clicker game on business ambient

-Lots of possibilities and different ways of playing.

-Challenging clicker game

How to play:

-You just need your mouse to play.
Click the Business

"Click the business" is a simple clicker indie game, with simple mechanics and an environment and gameplay inspired by the business world.


Developer: Garnudo Games

Publisher: Garnudo Games

Type: game

Released: October 25, 2018


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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