American Patriots: The Swamp Fox

Game created by Cult Software and released October 31, 2018 .

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Detailed Description

AMERICAN PATRIOTS: THE SWAMP FOX is a first-person shooter set during the American Revolutionary war in November 1780. The player assumes the role of Francis Marion, a true American Patriot who fights fiercely against British redcoats. The troops of Colonel Tarleton are hunting him down in a swamp in South Carolina. In the end, Francis Marion will be known as The Swamp Fox.


  • Beer brewing.
  • 18th century warfare.
  • Cabbage farming.
  • Double flintlock pistol.
  • A roguelike gamemode with procedural swamps, items and permadeath.
  • Are you hardcore enough to get the golden weapon in horde mode?
  • Inspired by the ambush scene from The Patriot.

AMERICAN PATRIOTS: THE SWAMP FOX started as a simple small-scale horde shooter but now offers a much more unique experience. The roguelike gamemode lets you sleep in a cozy log cabin to restore your health, has numerous gameplay changing beverages in antique Wistarburgh bottles like "Every kill makes you faster", "10% change that redcoats can freeze" and randomly generated labyrinths with five huge swamp levels. You can also brew beer by following step-by-step the original beer recipe written by George Washington. Brew a dark and tasty porter with a strong flavor of molasses. Once the beer is ready, friendly bluecoats might more likely join you in battle. You also have a small garden near the log cabin where you can grow cabbages to get maximum health. Hunting down redcoats is a lot of fun!

Art and programming by Rain Pohlak.
American Patriots: The Swamp Fox

You are the legendary Swamp Fox, who fights against British redcoats during the American Revolutionary war. Grow cabbages. Brew beer. Sleep in a cozy log cabin.


Developer: Cult Software

Publisher: Cult Software

Type: game

Released: October 31, 2018


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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