Rogue Fable III

Game created by Pixel Forge Games and released December 28, 2018 .

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Update 1.31

Rogue Fable III - November 8, 2019

Just a big bunch of bug fixes with this one. Wanted to clear out some of these issues before moving onto the next major update.

Hot Fix: 1.30.X

Rogue Fable III - November 2, 2019

Just a quick hot fix to deal with a few critical crashing issues:

Update 1.30

Rogue Fable III - October 28, 2019

Hello everyone! Absolutely massive update today, probably the largest I've ever done in terms of sheer content. As is generally the case, some of this stuff falls into the "changes or additions in preparation for future changes or additions" so I'll try to make it clear when this is the case. Also, as always, a ton of bug fixes, quality of life improvements and general polish. With that out of the, on to the update!

Update 1.29

Rogue Fable III - September 14, 2019

Was off for most of August visiting family and friends and just generally taking a bit of a break. So I’ve been getting back into the swing of things these past few weeks. I was planning on finally settling in to tackling a big expansion to the dungeon with new zones, sub-zones, special levels and eventually about a 50% increase in total size but I decided about halfway through that there was more than enough stuff on my ‘fiddling little problems’ list that I should do a huge clean up before pushing forward.

Update 1.28

Rogue Fable III - July 18, 2019

Quite a large update today. I'm starting what I plan to be about a month or two of basically going over every system, mechanic and piece of content in the game and giving it a complete overhaul and re-balancing.

Update 1.27.1

Rogue Fable III - July 12, 2019

Just sticking with the small updates for this week, getting everything flowing smoothly again. Will be calling these 1.27.X for this week so that we don't end up with some absurd release numbers.

Update 1.27 - Finally!

Rogue Fable III - July 12, 2019

After driving myself crazy this past month trying to incorporate the hundreds of changes and improvements I'd like to make to the game, pretty much all at once, I've finally decided to just back off, start small, and get the ball rolling again.

Status Update #2

Rogue Fable III - June 30, 2019

Hello again everyone! Its looking like this update will actually be coming on Friday. Again apologize for the unexpected delay, my goal is to get through this shaky period and hopefully we won't have interruptions like this in the future.

Status Update

Rogue Fable III - June 28, 2019

Hello everyone! Just dropping by to confirm that everything is fine on my end, since I know some people were getting a bit worried.

Update 1.30

Rogue Fable III - June 2, 2019

Hello everyone! Sorry for the late release, got sick in the middle of the week and it set everything back a day. Will be on Discord tomorrow at 2:00pm. Couple of announcements first off:

May-24-2019 - Update 1.29

Rogue Fable III - May 24, 2019

Hello everyone! A big content update today with a bunch more tweaks and changes. Continuing to do some very rough balancing along with the new content just to try to keep things sensible. Based on where we're at right now I think we'l definitely be able to have something reasonably playable by the end of June ready to finish the transition phase as planned. To recap how to access the dev branch version of the game:

May-18-2019 - Update 1.28

Rogue Fable III - May 18, 2019

Hello everyone! So I've realized that a simple, once a week, release schedule is going to work out much better for me. There's a nice structure to my week when I can leave stuff messy and half implemented throughout the week and then clean it up at the end.

May-11-2019 - Update 1.28 - Finally...

Rogue Fable III - May 12, 2019

Hello everyone! The day is finally here. I’ve been procrastinating and stressing out about releasing this for over a week now since its basically a giant mess but I figure that ‘giant mess’ is going to be the ongoing theme of this entire transition period so I might as well get it over with now.

April-26-2019 - Announcement!

Rogue Fable III - April 26, 2019

Hello everyone! We've been chatting about the following changes for the past week on discord so I figured I'd post a nice summery here for those of you who arn't in the channel.

April-03-2019 - Update 1.26

Rogue Fable III - April 13, 2019

Hello everyone! Update for The Sunless Desert here + some bug fixes. Gonna leave this a bit vague as far as new content goes so you can all see for yourself whats down there :P

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Rogue Fable III

Rogue Fable III is a traditional rogue-like game which combines the depth, complexity, and challenge of the genre classics with a shorter, more tightly focused game length.


Developer: Pixel Forge Games

Publisher: Pixel Forge Games

Type: game

Released: December 28, 2018


Score: 0

Recommendations: 161

Metacritic: 0

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