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Game created by QCF Design and released January 21, 2020 .

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Detailed Description

Drawkanoid is a neon-drenched love letter to brick breaking games. We took out all the boring bits, like paddles, and turned everything up to 11! The ball moves at hyperspeed, shattering everything into explosion-filled eyecandy. Bullet time lets you react at the speed of thought. Tactically deployable powerups let you decide exactly when to go into full ludicrous mode. Unlock Countdown and Zen modes to up the tension or zone out and smash therapeutically beautiful glowing patterns.

You've never played something quite like this.


“Drawkanoid is a smart and sexy take on a game style that is pretty much as old as games themselves.”
Kotaku UK

“New action-arcade release Drawkanoid is for people like me, presenting a new spin on brick-breaking that captures all the fun without the frustration.”

“Developer QCF Design has taken the genre and twisted it in such a way that makes perfect sense, and begs the question, why something like Drawkanoid doesn't already exist?”
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Hyperspeed neon brick-breaking with bullet time and explosions. What more do you need? How about ludicrous powerups and multiple game modes? You're welcome.


Developer: QCF Design

Publisher: QCF Design

Type: game

Released: January 21, 2020


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Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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