macdows 95

Game created by Yunus Ayyildiz and released September 5, 2019 .

App changes last updated 2 weeks ago / News last updated 20 hours ago

Detailed Description

what awaits you in this game;

  • puzzles
  • more puzzles
  • good jokes (also some bad jokes)
  • AI & and a robot
  • dark humour
  • much more puzzles
  • parody and satire (still I don't know the difference between them)
  • single eyes
  • riddles & hidden messages

what you need to do in this game;

just solve the puzzles, if you can

what you should bring with you while playing this game;

  • a keyboard
  • a mouse
  • a working brain (preferably the human brain)
macdows 95

you have an update for your operating system...


Developer: Yunus Ayyildiz

Publisher: Yunus Ayyildiz

Type: game

Released: September 5, 2019


Score: 0

Recommendations: 101

Metacritic: 0

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