Survive Together

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Update Summary #2

Survive Together - November 19, 2019

Death - Players can now die! If either your hunger or thirst drops to 0, you'll start losing health over time. If your health reaches 0, you die. Eventually other ways to lose HP will be added, such as fighting and drowning. Upon death, the player's body is dropped to the ground. After a few minutes, the body will decay into a pile of bones, and a few minutes after that will completely disappear. While dead, the player will become a ghost (invisible to all other players, except a town shaman which will be added later) that can move around and spectate what's going on. As a ghost, a respawn button will remain at the bottom of the screen which currently respawns the player at the town center (will eventually tie into the pregnancy/birthing system).

Update Summary #1

Survive Together - November 12, 2019

Town System Foundation - The start of the town system is now ready. Players enter the world assigned to a town (currently all go to the first town of 10) with the first objective of creating the stone campfire. This structure will be the center point of the town as it grows. It requires 9 rocks to build, sticks for fire fuel (which can be obtained by using a sharp rock on a dead sappling), and then a sharp rock to start the fire. More sticks can be added to keep the fire going longer. The length of the flame will change as things are balanced, but for now the fire lasts 30 seconds per phase (with phases being a full flame, small flame, just sticks and an empty campfire). Next patch the flame should last 5 minutes per phase.

Official Discord

Survive Together - November 8, 2019

Official Discord:

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Survive Together

Survive Together is a 2D world simulator where players are thrown into the many perils of nature, and together, overcome them to build a thriving empire.


Developer: Jeck

Publisher: Jeck

Type: game


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