ASTRO: The Beginning

Game created by BigGame .

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About the Game

ASTRO: The Beginning is a dynamic side scrolling shoot 'em up about the commander of the most elite unit from the Fleet of the Federation named Astro and his loyal team of fighters with different backgrounds – cheeky cat Amer Dean, tough bear Palych and smart panda Ling. What will happen to their tight-knit group when one of the routine missions turns out to be a much larger conspiracy? Player would face various kinds of enemies while trying to solve a mystery of the evil plot against the whole mankind... With paws and tails.

  • Four playable characters (each with unique abilities) that unlock one after the other,
  • revealing a completely different side of the story
  • Fifteen upgradable weapons that can be interchanged even during the fight!
  • Eight juicy boss battles – all in the best traditions of your favorite bullet hells
  • Colorful pixel-style graphics and awesome character design
  • Full controller support, in case you threw your keyboard out of the window while trying
  • to beat ASTRO’s hardest levels ;)

ASTRO (Astro Degray Raider) – Noble Dog
  • Commander of the most elite unit from the fleet of the Federation
  • Son of a noble family
  • Does not believe in unnecessary violence

AMER DEAN – Cheeky Cat

  • Not so lovely and fluffy as may seem
  • Intelligent chitchat is not his thing
  • Is quite short-tempered

PALYCH (Mikhail Stickwood) – Tough Bear
  • Also known as Mikhail Stickwood
  • Was a space pirate before joining Astro team
  • Would tear anyone apart for his eastern princess

LING (Wei Ling) – Smart Panda
  • Is ready to kick villain’s ass
  • In possession of a great gift from her father
  • Probably the only one who can call Palych a "cuddly little bear"

ASTRO: The Beginning

ASTRO: The Beginning is a dynamic side scrolling shoot 'em up about a close-knit space team caught in a clusterf*ck of epic proportions.Unravel the evil plans of your foes and secrets of world order while taking down various types of enemies and engaging in crazy boss battles.


Developer: BigGame

Publisher: BigGame

Type: game


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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