Game created by CloudScapeGT and released August 15, 2018 .

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Detailed Description

You are an explorer that is about to endure one last mission inside the Cyclical Searching System. What appears to be a simple retrieval will lead you to the event you've been secretly waiting for. Your suspicions will be confirmed when you realize that your life is not what it seems.

There is something more to your final task, however. Escaping the cycle is not easy.

Are you ready to accept that your previous achievements were meaningless? Will you have the courage to explore an unknown path? Can you take the ultimate risk and question your objectives? Are you prepared to abandon your previous notions of reality? Will you dare to find out what lies beyond the cycle?

Find the last relic and face your destiny.
Redefine the predetermined end of your story.

Evemnesis is close, at last.

- Explore strange places and solve unique puzzles to complete your quest inside the Cyclical Searching System.
- Engage in different methods of understanding your surroundings: puzzles will challenge you to perceive your environment in peculiar ways.
- Many 'Lifetimes' to solve puzzles: walk around an 'eternal' place and figure out how logical and contemplative Lifetimes can help you with your journey.
- Write the story: Confused? You can explain or expand the story by using the Writing Artifact in the User Interface or employing the Character Artifact (if you find the right friend). Travel to a place of your choosing, write your theory, take a screenshot and share it!

For many years you have been an excellent worker for the system. You have retrieved countless relics and faced hundreds of meaningless challenges. But every explorer has one last mission. You are starting to realize that your final quest inside the cyclical structure is near.


Developer: CloudScapeGT

Publisher: CloudScapeGT

Type: game

Released: August 15, 2018


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