Game created by COLOPL, Inc. and released February 19, 2019 .

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Detailed Description

■True experience of VR action game

The battle will depend on how you move.
Your physical ability will affect a lot to game score.
Move big and sharpen up your skill to beat enormous enemies.

■Move location to find a boss

Introducing new movement system will let you improving your game action.
Slay enemies by your skill and reach out to boss area.

■Choose your weapon depending on a situation

You need to grasp your surroundings instantly and determine what would be the best for you.
What you choose depending on a situation will be the key to divide your success.

■Experience highly optimized VR performance

With the power of Unreal Engine 4, we can give you the best VR experience you had ever done before.
You will be overwhelmed to the worldview and reality of this game.
Feel the evolution of VR game by playing TITAN SLAYER II.

■Introduce game mode
・Story Mode  
Feel the world of TITAN SLAYER Ⅱand progress episodes.  
Challenge variety of enemies and boss and experience great VR world.

・Challenge Mode  
This is the “Battle challenge mode" where you can’t feel in story mode.  
This mode is focused only in battle. You can fight against only boss or special stage where you keep climbing up the stages.  
In extra challenge, you will have a special experience where you never be able to get it in a story mode. So try hard and unlock it!! Many of challenges requires very highly skill but challenge as many as you want and aim for a top ranking player in the world!
・Rush Mode  
This is continuous battle of story mode and boss battle.  
Challenge and reach to your limit!  
When you complete the mode, you will become real TITAN SLAYER.

■Hell Mode
・You can choose from Normal mode and Hello mode for all stages.
In Hell mode, you will die instantly with one single enemy’s attack.
Try to avoid every enemy’s attack and finish all stages.
Pay attention to every seconds you play and keep your eyes open.

TITAN SLAYER is back to VR world!!!Fighting against massive giant creature by using your sword, bow and gun. Introducing a whole new movement system will let you improving your game action.Use your whole body and skills to fight against enormous enemies.


Developer: COLOPL, Inc.

Publisher: COLOPL, Inc.

Type: game

Released: February 19, 2019


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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