Motor Gladiators

Game created by ThrillhouseVision and released August 30, 2018 .

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Detailed Description

25 vehicles to choose from
Plus 13 boss vehicles available upon completion of World League

18 engines
Plus 7 advanced engines available upon completion of National League

17 offensive weapons
11 defensive Weapons
17 hidden weapons

  • Interactive weapons

*Bullets and lasers can shoot down rockets and missiles
*Smoke and smog can block lasers
*Flamethrowers can ignite oil slicks and detonate mines
*Smoke screen clouds can put out fires

Turreted weapons that lock on to targets selected by player

Force fields that make your car temporarily invincible for bold attacks or quick escapes

Stable car physics with very little bouncing and pitching around, making your car into a stable weapons platform

Location based hit detection. Cripple the other cars by damaging their engines and/or tires

4 Leagues to compete in with a total of 52 events

7 types of events
Battle—A fight until there is one survivor
Combat Race – A race to the finish. Use your weapons to cripple your opponents and gain the lead
Hunter Derby – Chase down, intercept and destroy your opponents as they race around the track
Seek and Destroy – It’s you against everyone else. Destroy all of your opponents to win
Cargo Relay – Race against your opponents collecting cargo items and returning them to the goal.
Cargo Intercept – It’s you against everyone else as you set out to destroy your opponents and prevent them from delivering cargo to their goal
Key Battle – Player must find a “key” object and take it to the goal locations. “Keys” are either found, taken from defeated opponents or appear when opponents are defeated
  • Key objects vary from events

*Keys open locked gates
*Pizzas that need to be delivered
*Access cards to open locked gates
*Bombs planted to blow up targets

Night Battles – Some stages take place at night where the player can use the cover of darkness to their advantage. Using headlights, firing weapons or driving into alighted areas will reveal your position (or could be used to lure an enemy into a trap). You can use stealth and sneak attacks to win.

Two player split screen mode

Game pad required
Motor Gladiators

Enter the intense auto combat tournament known as Motor Gladiators. Aim for the engines or the tires to cripple your opponents and gain the advantage. Win events and earn money to buy new vehicles, engines and weapons, as you make your way from being an amateur up to becoming world champion.


Developer: ThrillhouseVision

Publisher: ThrillhouseVision

Type: game

Released: August 30, 2018


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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