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Mercenary Leto

Game created by dragonGlitch Games LLC and released August 28, 2018 .

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Summer Build - now out!

Mercenary Leto - June 18, 2020

It's been a few months, hasn't it? Well, let's go down the list...

Updated both the regular build AND the demo!

Mercenary Leto - March 8, 2020

I just got done with Retrofest 7! Please enjoy a fresh build of the game on both fronts!

New Release - Valuna is here!

Mercenary Leto - February 22, 2020

More content to round out the path to Valuna! This is all LIVE for anyone who has a paid copy of the game. (* ̄3 ̄)╭

Minor tweaks galore~!

Mercenary Leto - December 14, 2019

Howdy! This is just another update from yours truly!

Small update - don't mind me!

Mercenary Leto - November 17, 2019

Howdy y'all! Just a small update for ALL builds if you are curious. It's very minor, but here it is -

Valuna is now ready for exploring!

Mercenary Leto - November 4, 2019

It's been a LONG two months since our last update! Let's get into the bulk of it -


Mercenary Leto - September 9, 2019

So I managed to cobble it together - the entire game is playable, from start to finish. So you'll 'see' the final boss, see how Alma and Leto met, and be introduced to the rest of the cast of the game.

Let's Play 2019 COMPLETE - New build out!

Mercenary Leto - August 13, 2019

Bought the game? Well, I released a ton of new content after this weekend of the Let's Play Gaming Convention! It was a great show - I always love being there. :)

NEW Alpha Build! Part of the refactoring!

Mercenary Leto - July 12, 2019

Just pushed an update for an Alpha build - to handle different screen resolutions was the big thing!


Mercenary Leto - June 22, 2019

It's here! It's finally here!

New Alpha Build - Spicy Update at the END OF THE WEEK

Mercenary Leto - June 16, 2019

SOON! A new load of bug fixes, but I'm content to the point where Spicy Update will be out by the end of the week for ALL users.

Dreamhack Dallas build - Now Live as a Alpha Build!

Mercenary Leto - June 4, 2019

Another small batch of bugs fixed - I watched some people play the game at the Dreamhack convention center, so my list of things GREW before I can release 'Spicy Update" to the public.... On well!

New Alpha Build - Audio, portraits, and a new look for Debug Chan!

Mercenary Leto - May 21, 2019

Just wanted to do another weekly push as I drive through these last few things...

Steam controller support in Alpha!

Mercenary Leto - May 12, 2019

Pushed a new build with this feature added - plus Issac is a tad more approachable as a boss as I slowed him down considerably! Also, minor text fixes in dialogue.

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Mercenary Leto

A science-fantasy action platformer with a nostalgic pixel look. Travel the galaxy with a cast of memorable and endearing characters, ride one fluffy dragon, and stumble onto a plot to stop dragon poachers.


Developer: dragonGlitch Games LLC

Publisher: dragonGlitch Games LLC

Type: game

Released: August 28, 2018


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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