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VR Model Viewer

Game created by MindRend Technologies and released July 18, 2018 .

App changes last updated 7 months ago / News last updated 2 months ago


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v2.25 Patch Notes

VR Model Viewer - July 12, 2020

Fixed bug where wand hints would disappear after looking at them

v2.24 Patch Notes

VR Model Viewer - July 2, 2020

Fixed issue with multi threaded import control not completing if model had invalid data

v2.23 Patch Notes

VR Model Viewer - June 29, 2020

Fixed player not falling through gap in first floor in Outpost scene

v2.2 Hotfix

VR Model Viewer - June 27, 2020

Fixed smooth turning not working properly

v2.21 Hot fixes

VR Model Viewer - June 21, 2020

Disable Auto Scale detect by default

v2.2 Patch Notes

VR Model Viewer - June 19, 2020

Fixed text that displays Info/Warning/Error messages on wand

v2.1 Patch Notes

VR Model Viewer - June 18, 2020

Fixed issue where importing model as terrain had gravity enabled by default

Patch Notes v2.07

VR Model Viewer - June 13, 2020

Fixed issue where loading certain saved scenes would fail if there were existing base objects in the scene (e.g. SciFi)

Patch Notes v2.06

VR Model Viewer - June 11, 2020

Fixed issue where models could block main menu laser pointer when close to player

Hotfix 2.05

VR Model Viewer - May 19, 2020

Identified an issue with assimp model loader performing data structure validation and failing import if problem detected. This patch disables that feature and a future update will expose advanced import settings to the user.

Patch Notes 2.04

VR Model Viewer - April 10, 2020

Fixed issue with wand grip manipulation jump on initial grab

Hotfix 2.03

VR Model Viewer - April 5, 2020

Fixed issue with lobby help screen buttons stopped working

Patch Notes v2.02

VR Model Viewer - April 3, 2020

Apologies to all, the UI toggles on the Model Import panel were not functioning.

Version 2.01 hotfix

VR Model Viewer - February 22, 2020

- Fixed issue where WMR left wand menu would not open when using direct movement. Joystick/joypad drift from zero (joystick floor noise) caused the wand to go into a state that prevented the menu opening

Version 2.0 Update

VR Model Viewer - January 25, 2020

Finally, it has arrived! After spending much longer than I anticipated reworking the original code to support the new SteamVR interaction system, I finally have any update for everyone to play with. As always, if you experience any problems please feel free to contact me at [email protected] Cheers!

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VR Model Viewer

VR Model Viewer allows you to import a variety of model formats for viewing in VR.


Developer: MindRend Technologies

Publisher: MindRend Technologies

Type: game

Released: July 18, 2018


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