Devil's Hunt

Game created by Layopi Games and released 4 weeks from now .

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Come drink beer with us at Gamescom: Hall 10.1, Booth A20!

Devil's Hunt - August 9, 2019

we are finalizing everything for this year's Gamescom including some very cool merch including branded beer and energy drinks!

Demon ass kicking starts on September 17th!

Devil's Hunt - August 1, 2019

Our demon punching simulator got a release date! On September 17th you will finally be able to indulge in your demon kicking fantasies. So, save the date!

Concept art #3 - Desmond!

Devil's Hunt - July 24, 2019

Meet Desmond the main protagonist of Devil's Hunt. He is no ordinary man by any means - don’t get fooled by his leather jacket and jeans...

Devil's Hunt at Sonkwo event in China!

Devil's Hunt - July 3, 2019

We just returned from Beijing where we attended Sonkwo event showcasing Devil's Hunt. It was a great new experience for us as this was the first time, we showcased Devil's Hunt to the Chinese audience. We had a great time and hope to return to China soon for another event :)

Concept art #2 - Forsaken!

Devil's Hunt - June 24, 2019

we have got another concept art for you! This time it is one of our most common enemy types - Forsaken! You will encounter him mainly while roaming the scorching depths of Hell!

Concept art #1 - Hell!

Devil's Hunt - June 18, 2019

very important part of Devil's Hunt is it's world. You will visit scorching depths of hell, sun filled Miami and the holy city of Jerusalem.

Thank you for great Digital Dragons!

Devil's Hunt - June 3, 2019

Digital Dragons are behind us. We had a lot fun and great interaction with you guys! Thank you for stopping by, chatting and checking out Devil's Hunt.

GameReactor Interview from GDC

Devil's Hunt - April 15, 2019

Our very own Łukasz Ziob was interviewed while at GDC by GameReactor.

See a demon get murdered with its own horn in this Devil's Hunt gameplay video from PAX

Devil's Hunt - April 5, 2019

Devil's Hunt is a demon-clobbering action game in development at Polish studio Layopi Games that follows a man named Desmond as he kicks all kinds of ass in a war between angels and demons. We spoke to Layopi about it last year and it sounds like it could be interesting, with customizable characters, "a robust skill and combo system," some puzzles to deal with, and pretty cool-looking environments. 

PAX East demo walktrough!

Devil's Hunt - April 5, 2019

In case you missed Devil's Hunt at PAX East this year we got you covered with walkthrough video of the PAX demo! Sit back, grab some popcorn and watch some demon ass-kicking.

Thank you for amazing PAX EAST 2019!

Devil's Hunt - April 5, 2019

we finally got home from PAX East and we must say that it was an amazing experience mainly because of you guys that visited our booth. We had a chance to chat with you and listen to your feedback that was mostly positive with some of it being constructive. Both is very valuable to us as it help us focus on certain elements more.

See you at PAX East 2019!

Devil's Hunt - March 22, 2019

We are bringing exlusive and newest version of Devil's Hunt to PAX East this year! Prepare yourself for exclusive 15-minute demo with updated combat, animations and graphics. Get ready to battle demons and epic bosses as well as solve puzzles in a brand new, Hell-based level.

Batch of brand new screenshots!

Devil's Hunt - March 20, 2019

we just wanted to share some brand new screenshots from the latest version of Devil's Hunt. We will have much more to share with you at PAX East where the game will be shown to the public for the first time since last Gamescom ːsteamhappyː

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Devil's Hunt

The war between Demons and Angels takes you to hell and back in this third person action game. You are Desmond, the one man with demonic powers who can decide the fate of our world by joining either side of the conflict.


Developer: Layopi Games

Publisher: 1C Entertainment

Type: game

Released: 4 weeks from now


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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