Cadria Item Shop

Game created by Orange Cat Studio and released August 23, 2018 . 2 DLCs have been released, the last on August 23, 2018.

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Detailed Description

Christmas Update is Live!

Happy Holidays Shopkeepers!

New features:
1. 8th Equipment Slot "Horcruxe" unlocked! Level it up with rare quality Items to enter the Mystic Land in the Tavern
2. Explore the Mystic Lands and assemble your team to defeat the monsters for hidden treasures and Starweave Crystals!
3. Check out the Trial Shop to buy some power-ups for your new adventure, Or exchange Starweave Crystals for new items.
4. Adds new equipment type "Tome", which will help your heroes on your new adventure*
5. Monster-themed decorations arrived. Captured monsters in Cages
6. Art Gallery: Collect the Art Pieces to acquire the fine paintings and deco pts.
*First Tome Blueprint"Adventurer's Manual" can be exchanged at the Trial Shop.

Christmas Event
1. Have nice Christmas in Pine Town. Adds new snow scenes.
2. New Christmas Festival arrived. Get more prints and decorations during the event.
3. Complete Christmas town events to unlock new hero Lillian and Christmas prints.
4. Adds new outfits for shopkeepers, kitten accessory and themed Gacha.

1.Adds Russian channel in Chat channels
2.All DLCs at 20% off during the holidays!

Winter Update Preview

Dear Shopkeepers. Here is the upcoming update this winter.

Upcoming Feature:
Secret Level Exploration is just around the corner
1.8th Equipment Slot unlocked! Equip the heroes with Soul Stones to raise your power!
2.Explore various secret levels and assemble your team to defeat the monsters for hidden treasures!
3.Opening a Secret Shop, Spend the items you loot from Secret Levels for brand new Equipment, decorations and prints.
4.Adds new equipment type "Book", which will help your heroes in the secret levels.
5.Monster-themed decorations are arriving. Capture monsters and put them in the cages.
6.Adds gallery of heroes. Collect the shards of heroes' artworks to acquire the fine paintings and deco pts.

#Christmas Event
Carnival for all the villagers! Upcoming Christmas event!
1.Have nice Christmas in Pine Town. Adds new snow scenes.
2.New Christmas Carnival is on the way. Get more prints and decorations during the event.
3.Complete Christmas town events to unlock new hero Lillian and more prints.
4.Equip Raphiena with 7 Christmas items to unlock her skin Festival Merchant
5.Equip Asura with 7 Christmas items to unlock her skin Reindeer Doll.
6.Adds new outfits for shopkeepers, kitten accessory and themed Gacha.

Spooky Things Arrive in Cadria Item Shop

Helloooooo~How are you to-night?

There's something I really must tell you. Well, that's what I've been told to do.

Stranger things happened in Green Pine Town lately! Something doesn't belong to this world came out of nowhere. Dark shadows fly through the nightsky with street lamps dispelling unease light. Pumpkins with scary faces show up all over the place. It's really hard to tell what kind of people would be into that kind of thing. Anyway, the townfolk calls it Jack O'Lantern. What a weird name!

Rumors said there were even customers with transparent bodies patronaging the most renowned item shop in town. How many were they? Five? I guess. I'll leave it to you. I don't really have much time lurking in the night alone.

Oh right, Carnival. Who cares about it? Just some blueprints and decos prepared for people whoever in need. BORING!

There's one more thing. Have you heard about the MANSION? I can assure you there are nothing like a mysterious beautiful housekeeper living in it. And I have no idea her name is GRACE. If you manage to collect all the 7 Halloween equipments for her, a GHOST outfit will be unlocked. Oops! Forget about it. It was just a slip of the tongue.

Am I spoiling too much? Uh-huh! There's even more! Bloodbat Priest Lynn, Demon Knight Carel, Dark Guardian Farune and GHOST outfits for some heroes. Of course. There's something for you and your partner. Halloween dressings and Halloween Gacha will be sure to make you satisfied.

ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! It's time to call it a NIGHT. Until next time!

About the Game

In a land of myth and magic the destiny of Cadria rests on the brave warriors. Well. It’s too risky to save the world yourself. Never mind. Don’t carry the world all upon your shoulders. You’re merely a shopkeeper here. Your target is simple and easy. Just run the best item shop in Cadria.

Forge Items

Begin from ABC and forge a variety of items.

—— Hire Craftsmen: Hire different craftsmen to forge weapons, make clothes, make runes and inlay jewels in your workshop.
—— Refinement: Practice makes perfect. Make more items to improve your blueprints. Master more crafts to make better items.

Sell Items

Welcome the world heroes! Sell your items to them!

—— Best Selling: Popularity will grow as you’re busy selling items. The tides of customers and orders are incoming!
—— Shop Orders: Cooperate with other shops and supply goods in Cadria world.
—— Faction Orders:Team up with friends to complete faction orders.

Build Town

Earn money and invest. Reconstruct your hometown with your investment.

—— Restart economy: Invest your home town to get more benefits. A bustling town can bring you professional craftsmen and high quality materials.
—— Unlock more heroes: With the development of your town more and more heroes will be attracted to your shop. Get ready for more customers!


Send your hero teams to explore in the dark forest and collect epic materials.

—— Recruitment: Assemble legendary heroes and form your own team.
—— Preparation: Equip the heroes with epic weapons and armors. They will win spoils on a treasure hunt.
—— Faction War:Collaborate with other shopkeepers and support your faction to win great prizes.
—— Guild: Create a guild with your friends. There will be bizarre quests waiting for you.


Customize your own fantasy world.

—— Shop Decoration:Buy different furniture to decorate your workshop as you like.
—— Fashion Style: Try on different clothes and accessories to create your fashion style
—— Hero Fashion: Loving beauty is the human being’s nature. Change outfits for your heroes.

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Cadria Item Shop

Cadria Item Shop is a casual simulation game filled with great fun. In the galaxy far far away ... Wait, that's not right. I meant in this quiet little town far far away, YOU, decide to open up a shop, hand craft exotic weapons and rare items for the local heroes, and live a peaceful life.


Developer: Orange Cat Studio


Type: game

Released: August 23, 2018


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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