A Quiet Mind

Game created by Eitan Prince and released June 4, 2018 .

App changes last updated 3 days ago / News last updated 1 day ago

Detailed Description

Welcome to A Quiet Mind!

You find yourself in a new place and have to get home! Your goal is to open up portals to continue your exploration in this new world. If you open up enough portals, maybe you can get out. Relax as you contemplate this low pressure puzzle, and think hard because the answer might be right in front of you.

- Explore calming 3D environments
- Solve puzzles to calm your mind
- Defeat enemies
- Interact with objects

Xbox360 Controller:
Look/Run - joysticks
Interact - X
Run - L3

Look - A,S,D,W
Move - Arrow Keys
Enter - Interact
Shift - Run
Space - Pause
A Quiet Mind

Can you get out of this world?


Developer: Eitan Prince

Publisher: Eitan Prince

Type: game

Released: June 4, 2018


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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