Touhou Luna Nights

Game created by Vaka Game Magazine,Team Ladybug and released February 25, 2019 . 1 DLCs have been released, the last on October 13, 2019.

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The Steam Winter Sale Is On! A Gift from PLAYISM!

Touhou Luna Nights - December 20, 2019

The Steam Winter Sale has finally begun!

Touhou Luna Nights was chosen as the Best Overseas Game at IndiePlay 2019!

Touhou Luna Nights - December 10, 2019

Touhou Luna Nights won the Best Overseas Game at China’s biggest Indie Game awards Indie Play this year!

Autumn Sale On Now! Titles Under 5 dollars!

Touhou Luna Nights - November 29, 2019

Are you all enjoying perusing the Autumn Sale? There are plenty of other titles in our line up on sale than the ones we introduced yesterday.

Max 80% off! Singles’ Day Sale Now On!

Touhou Luna Nights - November 11, 2019

It’s Singles’ Day, so there will be a 48 hour exclusive sale on Steam!

Trick or Treat yourself this Halloween. PLAYISM Halloween Sale with up to 80% off titles!

Touhou Luna Nights - October 29, 2019

The nights are getting longer, and Halloween draws near.

Playism Publisher Sale starts now!

Touhou Luna Nights - October 15, 2019

To celebrate the release of Gensokyo Night Festival and the soundtrack of Touhou Luna Nights on October 14th, as well as the release of the English update and soundtrack of Lost Technology on the 15th, we are happy to announce the Playism Publisher Sale!

Gensokyo Night Festival Early Access Version Stage1 Released!

Touhou Luna Nights - October 14, 2019

Thank you for your patience! The early access version of Gensokyo Night Festival has finally been released!

Touhou Luna Nights Soundtrack Released!

Touhou Luna Nights - October 14, 2019

The soundtrack to Touhou Luna Nights containing a massive 26 Tracks has been released!

Gensokyo Night Festival at TGS!…Is there any game that caught your eye?

Touhou Luna Nights - September 10, 2019

We know you are all waiting for Gensokyo Night Festival!

Steel Sword Story has a brand new hard mode! For those seeking a challenge, this new “Gamer” mode is for you!

Touhou Luna Nights - August 5, 2019

Orthodox 2D Side Scrolling Action Game “Steel Sword Story” has got a brand new Hard mode.

Gensokyo Night Festival early access release planned for Summer 2019!

Touhou Luna Nights - July 25, 2019

The early access version of Gensokyo Night Festival, a spin off of Touhou Project, will be released Summer 2019! Set during the Hakurei Shrine Festival, Suika Ibuki is going to kick up a storm across Gensokyo!

The Steam Summer Sale Has Begun!

Touhou Luna Nights - June 27, 2019

The Steam Summer Sale starts today! That means now is the time to score all those awesome PLAYISM titles you've been holding off on!

100K Downloads! Thank You for Your Support! “Dash” Fixes German Support Incl. in Update!

Touhou Luna Nights - June 24, 2019

Touhou Luna Nights, which saw its final update roll out on June 15th, has officially topped 100,000 downloads!

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Touhou Luna Nights

Touhou Luna Night's is a 2D search action (Metroidvania) video game. After creating many action games, this is a new project from Team Ladybug.


Developer: Vaka Game Magazine,Team Ladybug

Publisher: Why so serious?,PLAYISM

Type: game

Released: February 25, 2019


Score: 0

Recommendations: 5987

Metacritic: 0

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