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Detailed Description

Guide the child-like soul, Ki, on her journey through the Afterlife. Wield your Soulflame to boost to new heights, soar through the skies, and overcome dangers. Encounter Ki's past memories across lifetimes to decipher the connection with her Kindred Spirit.

Aim your Soulflame through a crystal to unleash its extraordinary powers. Use these powers to reach the unreachable, confront your foes, and banish the nightmares of your past back to the shadows.

The objective is simple: reach the gate. To do so you will need to ignite your Soulflame to break crystals. Each crystal unleashes different powers. Harness these different powers with ingenuity and skill to solve each puzzle. The catch is that your Soulflame only fires if aimed at the Source, a white substance that holds the afterlife's power.

  • A HEARTWARMING EPIC spanning life & death and space & time
  • OPEN-ENDED PUZZLES inviting many solutions
  • WORLD FILLED WITH POWER locked in crystalline form
  • EMPOWERING ARTIFACTS to upgrade Ki and the Soulflame
  • HAND-DRAWN ARTWORK creates wonder in every moment
  • RICH SOUNDTRACK evokes the magic of Ki's journey

Evergate is the first project to come out of Stone Lantern Games and has already received fantastic reviews from testers at PAX East 2018, and 2019. Evergate was selected by PAX for the coveted PAX Rising selection at PAX West 2018 and was chosen to be showcased at the Boston Festival for Independent Games (BFIG).

Stone Lantern Games is a Boston-based studios comprised of 4 MIT graduates. Like a gamer choosing a character class, each engineer on the team specializes in one of four proficiencies: Visual Effects, Art, Music, or Narrative.


“The reason we came to this show [PAX East 2018] was to find those indie games that we weren't expecting, and oh boy, was Evergate that game! Gorgeous game... The passion [the developers] exuded was fantastic. Watching them watch other people play the game, they're so freaking excited when you beat it.”
EPIC streamers

“A must see. A puzzle platformer with fantastic visuals... Follow them and thank me later.”
Laceya Finley

“We're talking them up big for a reason people. We really think this game is going to be something special.”
Super Mega Crash Bros. Turbo

Wield your Soulflame. Traverse surreal Dreamscapes. Overcome the corruption of the gathering Storm. This challenging puzzle-action platformer weaves a heart-warming story through stunning artwork and emotive music.


Developer: Stone Lantern Games LLC

Publisher: Stone Lantern Games LLC

Type: game


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